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Aaron Profile PicHello. My name is Aaron Helfferich.  I am a digital media specialist from Cincinnati, OH.  In 2009, I graduated from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, OH with a major in Visual Communication Technology. Over the years, I have developed and perfected a unique set of skills that enable me to create one-of-a-kind media projects for my clients and employers.  These various projects encompass the areas of web development, video production, print, and photography.  I have held positions at a variety of multimedia outlets to gain experience in my field of study.  In an effort to help you better understand my talents and interests, here's quick look into my personal background and work history.

Monster's Making It Count

Making It CountJust before graduating from BGSU at the end of 2009, I was blessed to have been hired by Making It Count in Cincinnati, OH. Making It Count is a division of Monster, known globally as the company that hosts the career website called Monster.com. Making It Count is one of the nation’s premier educational training and advisory organization for today’s students and parents. It provides a package of assembly-style presentations that aim to prepare students for college and ultimately maximize their opportunities upon graduation.

Making It Count has given me an incredible opportunity to sharpen my skills in print design in addition to being hired as the company's web designer.  My job routine calls for me to be the lead designer on email marketing campaigns, interactive Flash modules, web site additions, and any other form of digital media.  However, due to my background in print design from BGSU's Visual Communication Technology program, I am able to assist in the development and creation of print projects.  I've even been given an unofficial title of videographer, as I've already been assigned to multiple video shoots and editing projects.  This wonderfully diverse work experience at Making It Count has provided me with great responsibilities as a web designer and videographer, but has educated me even further in the print production process as well.

Clear Channel Communications

Clear Channel logo

In the summer of 2009, I was lucky enough to work as a Web Intern with the creative minds at Clear Channel Communications in Cincinnati, OH.  Clear Channel Cincinnati is home to six radio stations including the renown 700 WLW, 102.7 WEBN, and KISS 107.  While working for Clear Channel, I was privileged enough to be trusted with considerable responsibility on various projects in the online media department.  In addition to editing videos, refreshing web pages, and photographing events, I collaborated on the production of some major projects.  These projects include the design for a promotional item with Shell gas stations, exclusive photography for Sean Hannity's Freedom Concert in Cincinnati, OH, and a historical website for 102.7 WEBN.  These and many other exciting projects prepared me for the work I'd be responsible for at Making It Count.

New Media and Emerging Technologies

I served as a media specialist at New Media and Emerging Technologies (NMET) while taking classes at Bowling Green State University.  At NMET, I further developed my skills in web development and video production.  Creative job tasks included providing support for the online course management system called Zoomba, an artist's portfolio site called Studio Roots, and a promotional video for the Zoomba project.

NMET logo

The NMET center focuses on the innovative use of technology as well as the promotion of research and instruction in the conceptualization, design and invention of creative and commercial applications. Collaborative projects designed and created in the center focus attention on BGSU's commitment to advancing technology in research and education.  The center provides cutting edge interdisciplinary research and educational opportunities for faculty and students in the fields of music, film, theater, computer science, education, technology, arts and business.

The BG News / Film Critic

My powerful interest in film and my minor in film studies has served me well as the film critic for BGSU's daily newspaper publication, The BG News.  In addition to writing about film, I have applied my skills in visual communication to develop a personal website showcasing my film reviews, articles, and essays.  CinemaAce.com was born to provide a rapidly expanding audience with a one-stop source for real-time updates on these articles.

Aside from film criticism, I also served as an entertainment section reporter to provide personal photography based on article content.  This position helped me gain a powerful grasp on the practices of interviewing and proofreading.  I enjoyed working with the BG News not only for its challenging demand for professional writing, but also for the unique collaboration with the creative minds behind the scenes.

Other Activities

I am a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon National Fraternity.  As an active member, I held positions carrying the responsibility of organizing fundraisers for non-profit organizations, and maintaining the chapter's website.  Pledging the Ohio Kappa Chapter at BGSU also helped me embrace a new set of business ethics and procedures that are beneficial to any career scenario.  Having garnered a strong respect for innovative business practices, I created Pocket Ace Media to also supply the world with my own cutting-edge media solutions for a variety of advertising needs.  I create a number of personal media projects, including creative slide-shows for significant events and freelance web site design for local entrepreneurs.

Aside from staying entertained by movies, following my favorite Ohio sports teams, and spending time with friends and family, some of my activities include swimming, playing guitar, writing, and riding roller-coasters.  I am also excited to have returned to my high school alma mater to coach the swim team that I was once a part of for four seasons. Whatever the activity may be, there's always a deep and meaningful dedication that goes along with it.

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